Monday, June 25, 2007

More of the Other Stuff

Reporting some good news on what "we the people" want.

In a recent protest/panel discussion with our local school board regarding the notion of shutting down all of the public schools in rural southern Alberta (Wheatland County) and building one central school in the middle of a field (literally), we have done what we set out to do. For the time being at least.

In a rash decision, somehow the board thought this might be a good idea. It's not. It might be one day, but that day is not in our near future. The vote day was last Thursday and the decision was made to suspend this project indefinitely. Not the best it could have turned out, but good enough for now.

I'm looking to join the local steering board to start thinking about how we can avoid this in the future and be in constant contact with our local education board to understand what they face, and what might have been some of the circumstances that might have affected a decision like this.

The good news is that the people spoke, and the elected officials listened. Thank you to the Wheatland School Board. You have made the right decision.

Back to the fluff that is usually found here. Check out the wacked weather we've had. I took this picture while standing in beautiful sunshine, while facing one of the darkest clouds I've ever seen. Notice the blue sky reflected in the office windows. The lighting was incredible and I wish I had more time to wonder around and see what other cool pics might be had. Oh well. At least had my picture machine with me.



Smudgemo said...

Cool photo! I thought it was a painting when I first saw it. I miss those kinds of storms. I think I've seen lightning maybe three times in the 13 years I've been here. Of course there's nothing like the cheap thrill of an earthquake to get one freaked-out.

Jerome said...

They can be great to experience, these storms. Just a bit unnerving sometimes when you’re riding in them! The gent that works beside me had his trampoline picked up by a fierce wind (a funnel cloud right over his house that didn't quite touchdown) and smash into 3 of his neighbors cars. Weather like that is spectacular.

I was actually in San Fran a few months after your last big one, and I redeemer riding my bike around a section of the road (Embarcadero? it was a while ago and my memory is foggy) that that was destroyed. It was that section that was built up like an overpass and closed for a long time after. That was freaky!