Thursday, August 23, 2007


NorCal: I had a meeting at the Oakland airport, and since I was in town, I figured I might as well see what Mr. Smudgemo was up to and if he'd be interested in a beer. He was more than interested, and after my flight got in, and him chasing me around the BART, we finally met up in Berkley. Mrs. Smudgemo met up with us also and we had a great visit and dinner. Here is Smudgemo and I saluting the camera.
Smudge, thanks so much for your hospitality and hosting and treating me so well. Much appreciated indeed. If ever you are up in the great white north, I'll be honored to show you around. I'm serious, you should come up here! Did I mention there's some great mountain biking???

Wednesday was more uneventful meetings, bla, bla, bla.

SoCal: Today I ended up making a last minute trip to Bakersfield to look at a possible project and maintenance contract. Looks promising, and the airport seems like it would be a very great place to work, and run by good people.

I think I ended up putting almost 600 miles today, and then all the meetings. Long Day.
One great thing about driving in California and not being from here, is that you can drive so much faster than everyone else....I don't know why I think this way, but I do. I've spent several years working in CA, and for some reason, I feel like I must drive fast when I'm here. Always, everywhere. I shot a quick clip to demonstrate. I won't say what my average speed was, but it was fast. Faster than the speedo on the clip? MYOB

Tomorrow, fly home, rush to pick up the RV, and head out camping for the weekend. I had tomorrow booked as vacation and we were going to go camping tonight, but, I guess that is work is sometimes.
Finish up with some fiddling with my camera pics, while driving at night.


Jeff said...

I'm sorry I missed the International Beer and Blogging convention!

So you think it was safe to film your speedo while going that fast? Sheesh!

Smudgemo said...

Jeff, you're always welcome to attend. I hold these conventions most nights even though nobody else attends. That's okay, more beer for me.

Freeway speeds in CA seem to be anything is okay as long as you aren't recklessly endangering anyone. I've had CHP blow past me for no apparent reason while I was doing 75, so I can't figure out why I ever see anyone pulled over. Now when I lived in WI, those jokers hid under every overpass looking for speeders. They even lined up down the road waiting for orders from the guy hiding under the overpass with radar.

For the record, our hands are not that big. If the beers were, that would be cool!

Jeff said...

Last year I was doing 80 in the fast lane on I-5...had to pass a bunch of RV's. I didn't get back over quickly enough, and some dude had to go around me in the right lane. He gave me the finger! Too fast for me...

Jerome said...

Sorry you missed it too my man. Soon we will get another one underway!

BTW, I wasn't going to let this loose, but I actually edited the video to play at double speed, all but where I shoot the speedo.

I concur, people drive too fast. Me included (only while in CA for some reason). When I am home, I'm a regular turtle. It's just one of those things that science can't explain.