Thursday, August 09, 2007

Get Bent! no...I mean it, get bent!

The recumbents are under attack! What's new? Nothing. I think I just notice it more now that I actually ride, and like riding a bent. Why are they not considered bicycles by so many cyclists? I've only recently owned one, but I've always given them credit. They are bikes, just a different style of bikes.

Tim had a crack on his recent post. Very last sentence. I think it's kind of funny. Bike Snob of course is the usual cynical yahoo. These are what he posted for comparison for recumbents to what's found in nature:

I think it's kind of funny too.

Anyway, I think it's stupid when cyclist draw a line and segregate themselves from other forms of the sport. I used to be really into trials, and then downhill. I remember reading an article in DIRT magazine on the merits of full suspension bikes and the vast leaps and bounds in the use of technology they have over the roadies. They were knocking road bikes all over the map. Why then are you so hard pressed to find a mountain bike over 3k, when 3k only buys you a decent road bike? 10k on a roadie, 14? I see them in local shops often. Mountain bike technology, is just different. Who gets the best materials first (carbon fiber, titanium, etc)? Roadies. I'm not knocking mtb riders either, I've got two mountain bikes. It's just really stupid for cyclists to act this way.

There's the whole thing with fixies, how they're just a fad, cruisers, they're just a joke. I own 1 of each of these style bikes also.

I think that one of the reasons I am so open to all different types of bikes, is because I've ridden them before passing judgment on them. Cruisers have a place that can't be filled by a fixie and visa versa. Recumbents have a place that can't be filled by roadies and visa versa. That's one reason I give when people hound me about having so many bikes. Not one is a duplicate in it's purpose. You can't single track on a carbon road bike, and you're wasting time commuting 26 miles on a mountain bike or cruiser.

I think that we all ride bikes. You may not dig what I dig, and I might not be as cranked on what you're riding as you are, but we are all riding bicycles. Plain and simple.

And yes, a recumbent has two wheels and you peddle it. It's a bike.


Jeff said...

Preach it LOUD, Brutha Jerome!

I agree. I have 20 or so bikes in my garage with very little overlap in purpose. It's funny too because to ride each different bike with friends, it seems like there's a different group of people I have to hang out with. So many people are into their one discipline.

I've only tried a Bent...just a little test ride. I have seen how fast they can go in some situations though, and would be open to one if I had the right application.

Jerome said...

Right on Jeff. I figured you'd understand for sure. I must say, knowing that you've got around 20 bikes makes you on a Guru level. Well done.

Even in the bent world there's dissention. I personally don't think I'd ever own a traditional, long wheel base bent with a windshield or anything. Many traditional bent riders don't care for high-racers, like my Volae. The number one reason I went for the bent that I've got, is speed, comfort second, and third the ability to carry stuff while still being streamlined. I just installed racing slicks on it, and I've beaten my best time on my Allez by 9 minutes. That was while taking to stops for pictures. I've been looking at bents for a few years but knew I never really needed one. Then, I got a 26 mile commute, and it fills that task very nicely.

Peace out Brutha Jeff!

Smudgemo said...

Who cares what others think? If it's got wheels and is powered by a human, what's the issue? I've never tried a recumbent and don't care to, but a lot of that is because I might like it and want one. I'm not so happy with the idea of being so low to the ground with all the traffic around here, but that could be just a perception, like people who don't like to ride on street because of cars.

Vik said...

Tim feels odd about having fenders on his you live in the desert that is irrational - so we can't get to worried about his bent comment..=-)