Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting Skinny

Me, nooooo. I'd have to lay off doughnuts and beer for that. Not something I'm willing to do right now.

My tire's, yes.

Vik included a pair of Hutchinson 26" X 1" racing slicks when he sold me his Volae, and it was time to give them a try.

They certainly are quicker, and that is very important to me. Less comfortable? I suppose in theory they are, and I might actually notice it over several hours of riding, but really, with 1 1/2 tops at a time I don't really notice it. They are noticeably faster rolling though. There was a point during the commute today where I held 63 kph for over 3 minutes! That felt great. Okay, it's a very steep downhill, but it still felt great. On the Continental Sport Contacts that were on the wheels previously, I'd do about 55km on that stretch. Sure some of it might have been that I was feeling strong today, but the tires did make a difference. My average speed was up almost 5 kph for the trip. I think I like these tires.

A cool thing I found out is that my el cheapo bike stand works for my Volae also! I started working off the ground and remembered how miserable it was and why I bought a stand in the first place. Figured I might as well give it a try, and it worked. Sweet.
In even less exciting news, I found my tube inventory that I had packed from the move! Nice not to fear the flat again! Woot!


Vik said...

Glad your liking the skinny rubber. I just hope you aren't too fast for me now...=-)

Anonymous said...

In looking over your inventory it does not appear that you are ready for 26*1 problems. Perhaps you should stock up on some 26*23 presta valves. With my Strada I have to have long stemed 650 * 23 tubes. Talk about hard to find, and now I hear that they maybe getting even more scarce. Glad we have Schwalbe's to keep making amazing tires. I thought that Alberta was flat all the way to Banff, except north in Edmonton area. :-).

PS check out tips on Vik's blog to see how to IRC/chat with some fellow benters.

Jerome said...

Hey Vik, I wouldn't worry none about that. I don't think I'm a fast rider by any means. I ride for pure fun.

B, I still need a few other tubes, just to make sure. I'm sure I'll end up going back to the Conti's but for now these are fun. I'm also going fender less, but that will soon change back to weather ready. Alberta is fairly flat, but getting out where I live, there are some surprising hills. A little ways north in Kneehill county, there's even more hills. Surprisingly steep too. Really it's mostly flat, but there are a few long hills between me and my work. Where I live is actually 500 ft lower than where I work. I like the ride home a little better. I'm usually 15 minutes faster on the way home. I'm going to figure out how to IRC? (not sure what that means yet) and chat with other bents. I'm still ignorant to the whole forum side of the interweb. Cheers