Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Late Start

I didn't ride yesterday. When I woke up, a down pour was just finishing up. Over the weekend I spend a good while giving all my bikes a love bath. You know the kind where you soap them all down, wash every spoke, every nook and cranny, rinse and hand dry so they shine. I wasn't about to ruin that before at least enjoying the show off ride.

I didn't ride Monday, as I needed my truck to pick up stuff for my house project.

Today I slept in. But I rode. I've got some flexibility in when I actually get to work, and usually it's before 7. Today I rolled in a little after 8. You know what; it was worth being tardy for! When I left Rockyford, it was 7 C, which is cooler than it's been in a long time. Part of the reason for me leaving late was digging up my cool weather cycling clothes that I hadn't used since I moved. So much fun rummaging through boxes of stuff that has yet to be unpacked. Makes you think why on earth you even own all that junk anyway.

The cool temps were a welcome change to the major heat that we've had lately. I think it's been a few weeks since the temps have even been as low as 20 here in the big R.

Made a few more adjustments on the Volae seat and I'm definitely getting closer to having it set up.

I was a bit trigger happy with the pic taker on the way in. Beautiful way to start the day.


Smudgemo said...

You said there are some hills, but that looks like one long and flat road. That's the kind of stuff I never get to ride. Probably why I'm so bad at time-trialing.

Jerome said...

Yeah I know the pics don't look all that hilly, but off in the distance of one of them, you can see the hills. The way to work is all gradually uphill, but about 3/4 of the way, there are 3 big hills with the last one being 1 1/2 km long. I've often found myself spinning out the lowest gear to make it up. The way home is the pay off. The other day I hit 74km/h down it. Usually hold an easy 36km/h average on the way home. What goes up, must come down.

Jerome said...

I do know what you mean though. Bay area is up and down, and steep too!