Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Saved by the Bell

Man, I can't say enough right now about old modern technology. The phone.

I was scheduled to go to PHL this week for a meeting on Thursday. I've got two projects going on there right now, and the second is being held up from lack on information from the consultants. Just as I was booking my flight yesterday, I got a call saying that the consultants would only be available via conference call. So, me too. If the consultants make the effort to fly to site for a meeting, it looks bad if I don't do the same. What's more, SWA said they will have everyone in the project just conference in rather than wasting the time flying there.

What does this mean? Well, I had my laptop, and a bunch of drawings to take to work today, so the bikes were out. Tomorrow I'd have had to fly to Philly, meeting Thursday, and fly home Friday. No bikes all week!!! If you've ever tried flying from YYC to PHL, it's always a full day affair each way. I've lost many a good days of my life in airplanes, and have grown to really not like it. I'm not afraid of flying, it's just such a pain in the ass. Now, I'll just dial the numbers at the given time, have all my files, drawings and emails in front of me, and we'll get stuff done. Save my company a few bucks, more importantly, I'll be riding. Heck, I could even keep my Lycra and helmet head for the meeting and no-one would be the wiser. Man I love the phone.

I've even stepped up my commuting plan a bit. I brought in 2 changes of clothes to leave at work, so I won't carry more than the standard multi- tool, a tube, pump, and water to work. I shod the Volae with some 1" racing tires that Vik graciously included, and removed the fenders. It'll be nice to have a few days of unloaded riding to see what I think of the faster set up.


Vik said...

Glad you don't have to fly this week...I've lost a lot of days in airplane seats and airport lounges myself.

I'll be interested to hear what the difference in commute time is with the faster tires.

Jeff said...

I haven't had to fly since 2005. Hate it...

Jerome said...

Wish I were that lucky Jeff. Lately I've been getting away with murder, staying home so much but usually it's about 2 to 10 trips per month! Stinks. Oh well, I guess when you work strictly for airports, you end up in them a lot.