Friday, September 14, 2007

Can we fix it, yes we can!

That's one of my boys favorite lines, as I'm sure it is with other 3 year old rowdy boys.

I took it literally and fixed the issue with me not riding much right now. The bike I left at work, my winter commuter, was one that I'm not too fond of. I mean it's a great bike and all, but the reason I'm willing to subject it to salt, slush and all sorts of other crap with out any frequent washing or cleaning, is because it's not too valuable. It's a trusty old steed (originally my mom's bike when I was a kid - yeah, that's a bit embarrassing) and work well all the time. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

But, when the weather is good, it's fun to ride something a little faster, a little less utilitarian. In comes one of my all time favorites, my fixie. This is still not a fancy bike (I found it in a recycling yard) but I put some decent components on it - Paul flip flop hub, Alex eyeleted rims, 16ga SS DT Swiss spokes - and when it was all done it only weighs a touch under 18lbs!! pretty impressive for a junker.

I also changed it up a bit by adding drop bars, a front brake and a free-wheel thinking I'd do a little more commuting with it. Then I bought my Volae, and well, nothing touches the Volae as a fast long distance commuter. So, even before I was able to give it a test ride, I changed it back to a brakeless dream machine. Here it is in free-wheel form:
And here it is back to it's purer state:
Anyway, after converting it to a real fixie I brought it in to work today and will leave it here for a while. I found 3 excuses to go for a ride today! Feels great and reminds me of why I love riding bikes so much. I've even got a Campy cycling hat now so I go with that and no helmet to feel really hard-core.

I'm still working on my house until about midnight every night (driving there straight from work) so bike commuting is still not going to happen for a few more weeks, but at least I can do my local running around on my bike. Inspired by FBC, lunch time rides rock! Rock on.

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