Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Delta Sucks

On my way to a measure in Kansas City, MO today, and Sarasota, FL tomorrow.

UP at 3:30am to be able to shower at work (living in the RV right now and showing there would wake up the family) only to get in to SLC (Salt Lake City) at around 8 in the morning. Flight out was to leave at 10am. Flight canceled. Re-booked through St. Paul, delayed(bad weather there apparently). Doug, was there actually bad weather, or was it a little white lie from the airline? Ended up hanging out at the airport (just cause it's the cool thing to do ya know) until around 3 and then got a hotel. Thanks for something Delta.

I was able to hook up with Patrick, a great contractor that's done a fair bit of work for me in the last while. He and his wife and my co-worker enjoyed some Mexican, but before that, I scored big on a bike light.
Dicks sports had some pretty nice headlights, and I picked up one for my winter cycling and running (yeah I'm getting back into that now). Petzl TIKKA. Uber bright. They also had the Princeton TEK EOS LED as recommended by Vik on Brol, but I decided to go with this option because while reviewing the literature on the packaging, I noticed the Petzel has a significantly higher battery life, was 15 lumins brighter and was 10 grams lighter. Not a big deal, but I may as well try something different and if it doesn't work, I'm sure there will be more of the princtons available.
Checked out the Target (checking out something for my wife that's not available in Canada) and headed back to the hotel.
Tomorrow, conf. call @ 7 am, flight @ 9:30, arive in MCI around noon. Measure, catch the 5:30 to SRQ and hopefully get that job measured up also. If not, first thing Thursday morning. Hope to be home Thursday night. At latest, Friday afternoon.

Friday I am planning on checking out the Calgary home & interior design show for some ideas/products for my house before heading to a Hitmen game. This will be the first hockey game that I am taking my oldest son to, so I'm pretty stoked. He's a hockey fan like I am and I think he's going to love seeing it live. I've already got a few pairs of tickets to some Flames games this season, so who knows, maybe he'll be checking those out also if he can actually sit there that long.
End on a beer note: I went into a gas station while my host was filling up and saw this Full Suspension Pale Ale by Squatters Brew Pub. Unfiltered style. Not too bad. Support for the biking themed brews. Actually the only reason that I chose this one over others that were available. It's a little spicy, definatly reminds me of the SNIPA, but a little tamer.
Peace all. Ride your bike, cause right now, I can't.


Smudgemo said...

Wait, I'm confused. I thought you can't buy a good "normal" beer in UT.

Doug said...

Duluth is a few hours north of St. Paul by car, but I can say we had a batch of t-storms come through the state with heavy rains and wind. This time the airline wasn't making it up.

Jerome said...

Smudge, I guess you sort of can. The thing I noticed though is that they are all capped at 4%. That being the case, I'm sure the brew process is affected/compromised, if you must be under a certain alcohol level. Maybe it's not, I'm not very well versed in the process of beer making. Hey, that sounds like a cool new hobbie.

Doug, thanks for the info. You just never know with airlines anymore. I really don't like them them, and for the last 10 years I've worked for them as a contractor. Love hate I guess. More hate than love. My next post will finish up the gripe session. Delta sucks soooooooo bad!