Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not too swift

Myself. This morning.

Rode the fixie after 2 months of not riding a diamond frame bike.

Headwind, large hills, 26 miles, 75 gear inches, complete darkness, 4:30 am.

Almost puked when I met my dad for breakfast this morning.

Poor decision.

Great ride.

Can't walk.


Jeff said...

I went on a ride the other day with a friend, 45 miles for me, he had another 20 on that, and like 30 or so more the day before on his fixed. I felt guilty in a strange way for shifting on the climbs when he was working hard- none the less, he kept pace! Props to the fixed riders!

Vik said... are spoiled by your Volae!

Jerome said...

Jeff, don't feel guilty, feel smart.

Vik, right you are.