Friday, November 23, 2007

Riding across Canada

Yesterday I read an article in the Drumheller Mail about Bertrand Lemeurier who is cycling across Canada, taking photos for a book and raising money for the Children's Make a Wish Foundation. You can check out his blog here. Great to see this guy doing such a great thing. Also, it's pretty stinking cold here now and I'm impressed that he's continuing through to Vancouver, even in this weather. I think he's in Calgary now, so who knows, maybe you Calgarians can hook up and ride a little piece of his Journey with him. Bertrand, way to go, you're an inspiration to us! Also, check out his incredible flickr pool here.


rigtenzin said...

Thanks for the link to his blog.

Why isn't your blog in French and English? Not that I can read French, but it sounds funny to ask.

Jerome said...

Hey Rigtenzin, I cannot understand or speak french, much less write it. That's probably the biggest thing I get when I travel thoughout the US. "Oh, you're from Canada, you speak french right?" Wrong. I actually got into major trouble at school - principals office every day - for refusing to learn french in grade 5. Nothing has changed for me since then. I do speak and understand Spanish and Russian though, shall I blog in either of those for ya? Cheers.