Monday, November 26, 2007

This is the beginning of the end

My last day at work, here at G&S, has just started.


Vik said...

Hey Jeremy sounds like you had a good run at G&S. What are you going to do work-wise now?

Jerome said...

Hey Vik, it was a good run. I enjoyed it muchly and learned alot. It's basically the only place I've ever worked.

I ended up amazingly getting a job in Rockyford of all places, doing very much the same thing I do at G&S. It's amazing how it all just lined up. They're even matching everything that I was getting at G&S. I could stand on the road in front of my house and hit the building I'm working in with a rock! Definatly puts me down the road of the simple life.

I'm still persuing my own contracting buisness and have some work lined up for that, but for now, I'll see how this new place works out. RIght now I'm in SoCal learning how to make concrete countertops, which is get the house very close to finished! Cheers.

Vik said...

Sweet. I guess the bike commute will be uber short to the new job! ideal job would be 10-15kms away from where I live - only a bike geek would appreciate that distance as being ideal for summer and winter bike commuting.

Good luck with your new job...=-)

Smudgemo said...

Glad you asked, Vik. Good job, Jerome. Without your commute, you've lost your ability to drink beer whenever you want.

Jerome said...

ha ha indeed. I'll probably do some photo-riding every morning just for an excuse to ride. I haven't explored the back roads by my house at all, so I'm thinken I'll be doing a whole lot more off road riding with my pic taker.

Smudge, I'll still be able to drink beer whenever I want, I'll just end up developing a better 'areo-belly'; super handy for recumbent riding!!