Monday, December 03, 2007

Budget SUCKS!!!!

First it's Delta, now it's Budget. They make my list of companies of whose services you should try to avoid having to use. They have competitors who do a much better job than they do.

Maybe it's just the friendly smiling service you might have come to expect when arriving in LA (puke) or maybe every single person that works at the Budget airport location woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Whatever it is, they've pissed me off to no end.

Long story short, they almost left me high and dry and stranded at LAX with my wife and to young (crying boys) all while I had not only reserved, but also paid for the car that they were saying I was unable to pick up. I finally got the manager, gave him an ultimatum (both of which options were in my favor) and asked which way he wanted to go. He went the way I wanted him to, and the way I knew he would.

Anyway, I hate Budget rental cars and I'm using my little ole bit of the interweb to let as many people as I can know. I've had great experience with Enterprise, and now that I've tried something different, I'll never make that mistake again.


Vik said...

had reserved a small SUV at the Budget LAX location last week and when I got to the Fastbreak quick pick up area my name was on the board, but no vehicle. I managed to corner someone and demand a vehicle. To their credit they got me one, larger and nicer than what I reserved and didn't charge me for the upgrade, but the "Fastbreak" wasn't so

Sorry to hear about your rental car woes.

Daniel B. said...

Hello. What's up? More often than not the outcome in said situation is as you described!!

Smudgemo said...

Even when you don't own them , cars suck.

Anonymous said...

if you're going to say budget sucks, then say they all do. All CAR/HOTEL/AIRLINE companies OVER BOOK their vehicles because about 60% of reservations are canceled. I work for Budget, thats where I got that information.

Jerome said...

Not a chance. I usually rent from Enterprise, and have nothing but good to say about them. Every time I've rented from budget, it's been terrible. I agree that there are several that aren't great, but they are not all the same, some are certainly better than others. Sorry to be so harsh. I speak the truth. Cheers.