Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Start of Something Great

Thus far this is the case.

Today was the first day of my new job. It's been a decade since I've had a new job. My wife kept asking me if I was nervous and I kept thinking why would I be? I wasn't.

The shop is 1 block from my house. Yep, my little town of 375 fine folks had room to employ me. Weird. I make the 3rd person that works there, so it's a really small little place, which is great. I walked home for lunch, and it took a whole minute (I didn't really time it, but that's probably what it took). Before we moved here, I was going home for lunch everyday, and I thought those days would never happen again. They are and I'm loving it. It's a very low key place, where all of the local farmers hang out. Literally. The boss puts on coffee, and there's always someone sipping, telling stories, or talking combines.

Want more close knit? The other employee is the mayor of the Village. What's more, he and I are both Lions members. Holy smokes.

Several years ago I decided I wanted to simplify my life, and I think I'm well on the way. I won't be driving more than 3 days a week (1 to Church, maybe two other times for groceries or dinner with friends). I've never had such short work days as I've got now. Not that I've ever disliked work, I actually really enjoy it, but man, 8 hour days?? What are they? Today I found out. Add to that zero time for getting to and from work, and I've got more time for family, house projects and bikes. Simple is good. I'm enjoying the simple. Enjoy yours.


Vik said...

Awesome buddy! I'm stoked for you. With all the time you'll save you can train like crazy for the 2008 rando season...hahahaha...j/k!

Enjoy your new job...=-)

Smudgemo said...

That is awesome. I get the same thing when I work from home. I wonder how many people would take less money to increase enjoyment of life.

Jeff said...

Right on! Good for you.

Since I moved to the town where I work, I only get in the car for multi-occupant trips a couple times a week now. It's Nirvana!

Doug said...

I've done the 80 hour work week in Chicago with a 60 minute expressway commute each way. It helps me appreciate my 8 hour a day job and beautiful, scenic bicycle commute.

Get that Xtracycle and you can cut out the grocery trip by car.

Happy things are working out for you!

Jerome said...

Thanks a lot everyone for the good wishes.

Vik, you bet I'll be training for the 08 season!

Doug, I am tossing the idea around of an extra cycle for sure. That and a pugsley! For the time being I'm gonna set up a milk crate bike I think.


sean marcel said...

Word. Great news about the job, Simple certainly is the way to go! Single speed, fixed gear etc... haha.

I'm not running studs on the winter bike, I just take it slow on corners. The 5k commute is pretty straight anyway.