Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hauling bike

My buddy Cory stopped at my office just before lunch to let me know there were some bikes sitting at the recycling yard. So, hop on the Xtra and off we go to check it out.

Found an APOLLO with decent vintage components. What caught my eye? The Nitto handlebars and MKS clip pedals missing the straps. These pedal look brand new, as well do the drop bars.
Front wheel into the side-loader, 1 bungee cord, and this thing hauled the bike flawlessly. I could have carried this thing all over town like this. I always thought it would work, but never this good. Sweet!

The steel lugged frame is actually quite large, so I might turn this into a fixed gear gravel bike. We'll see.

Cory Sporting his hauling set up and his new bike

I just got back to the office and my wife called telling me my neighbour (who just so happens to work at the recycling yard) is holding onto a bunch of 'really nice bikes' so who knows what else awaits me. I keeping hoping that one day, an old lady will be cleaning out her garage and find an old track bike and bring it down.......

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