Friday, April 18, 2008

Yard House was Good

Nice little trip to San Diego. Ended up having to stay an extra day. Hit the yard house, had some Hef. My buddy Cory (I intend to do a introduction post) but I've mentioned him once before, got hit by a car last week. Luckily it wasn't very bad, just ran over the front wheel. She ran a stop sign. Cops were good about the whole thing and so was the lady. It was a bike that he found at the local recycling yard that she wrecked (I've done a lot of wrenching on his bike and it wasn't that great of a bike for sure) and she took him to Canadian Tire and bought any bike he picked out. That's what I call good people. Obviously that wouldn't cut mustard if she ran over a bike that was actually bought in a bike shop, but believe me, his new bike is a huge step up for him.
Other than that, we've got more snow here! Supposed to be all weekend and next week too. Crap! Oh well.

My friend Vik finished his 2nd Strathmore 200K Brevet (I was thinking of doing this with him, but it just didn't happen) and you can check out his report here.
Bianchi is up for sale and 4 people want to take a look.....more money for something else bike, but what???


Vik said...

"..more money for something else bike, but what???..."

*Tikit* cough...cough...."Tikit"....join the fold buddy!

Vik said...

BTW - missed you on the Strathmore ride, but to be honest it is a rough way to start the cycling season if you can't get a decent amount of base miles on your bent!

If you want to ride the same route later in the summer let me know.

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