Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boys night out

My good wife has book club on Wednesday nights, go it becomes a great night every week just me and my two sons. We wrestle, build stuff in the garage, go to the park or play board games. Board games are the hardest as my youngest (20 months) insists on eating the pieces and running over whatever game we are playing. After all the rain we've had lately, I figured the boys and I should go out to the park while we had our short reprieve from the wet.

After pizza dinner, we all went to the garage and added a spare chariot carrier mount to the monster bike and off we went. To my surprise, the boys asked if we could ride for a while first. I never have issues riding bikes longer. So we toured town, chatted and toured town some more. After 1/2 hour we hit the park. 1/2 later back on the bike and they asked again if we could just ride around. Maybe they were trying to avoid bed time, but I was willing. So we rode for another 1/2 hour. Great night out with my two favorite boys, and with all that fresh air, they were right out when I tucked them into bed.
Life's simple pleasures are sometimes the greatest. I soaked last night up.

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