Thursday, June 12, 2008

Specialized Sequoia

Rode my new bike to work today and I have this to say: SMOOTH! This bike rides like butter.
All the cracks, rough asphalt, and rocks seems to melt under this steed. The frame is a Double-butted cromoly touring specific tube set circa 1996. Shimano 600 drive train with a Deore rear derailleur. Sporting 700 X 32 certainly helps smooth the ride out also.
I transferred the B-17, as I'm planning on this being my main ride. The bike has been very well maintained and everything works flawlessly. The brakes have incredible grab to them, so much that I was really surprised at how well they worked.

The front and rear racks came with the bike, and I think I'll be losing the front for a while. I think running the panniers on the front and nothing on the back would slow steering needlessly.

I just squeak in on sizing with this machine. It's a 58cm frame, but from the seat post, you can tell that I would order a larger size if I were buying this bike new.

The bars are a little low, but I've got a Nitto Technomic stem that I might try out. Should certainly get the bars up a bit.

Other than a few adjustments I need to make here and there, I think this bike will be a dream ride. Certainly the most comfortable, and smooth diamond frame I've ever ridden. I'm well pleased.

Thanks Cornell, it shall be loved.


Doug said...

Wow Jerome, sweet ride!!

Jerome said...

Thanks Doug.

JPTwins said...

Jerome, i realize this is a massively old post, but i was looking for some info on the specialized sequioa! you cam eup via your ecovelo post from exactly a year ago. I also noticed that you posted about how much you love your LHT. Can you elaborate on the differences, as I could go either way.

Love the blog, you seem to be right up the same stylin' bike state-of-mind that I am in!