Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alex's Cycle Truck

Alex Wetmore has a great blog to chronicle his bikes and bike related builds. Mostly I've been studying all of the racks he builds up, hoping to glean some tips for my growing interest in building racks. His latest project is really quite amazing. Photo album of the build is here.
He built up this cycle truck from an old bike. Man this thing looks good. With his basement lathe and brazing equipment, I'm amazed at the quality of stuff that he produces. I just wish I live closer to him to pick his brain. He's even getting involved with other local Seattle frame builders to hold groups meetings/discussion on all things bike building. Man it'd be cool to sit in on one of those sessions.

If you're interested in rack building, I suggest you check out his site. He's made it quite easy to navigate and has a whole series of posts with some of the how-to's of brazing including tools, techniques and tips.
Thanks for your great work Alex! Most appreciated.


Anonymous said...

You might want to correct the spelling of Alex's name -- it's Wetmore, not Westmore.

Nice post, and I've admired Alex's stuff for a while now. I keep toying with the idea of trying to build racks like his sometime.

Jerome said...

Hey Thanks a bunch. I've corrected the spelling. Thanks for the nice words about the post too. You should try building up a rack sometime. I tried one and have started with a cheap $20 torch and so far it's holding up. Just takes a long long time to get the metal hot enought to flow the brazing material.


Smudgemo said...

Maybe after I reglaze and rebuild all the wood windows in my house I can give this a shot. It looks fun and fairly easy to get started.