Friday, July 25, 2008

Back in the Day

Our little town (actually it's classified as a village) has a pretty neat history. Some of the key family's have celebrated more than 100 years in Rockyford. With the Rodeo coming up this weekend (I'll be working the admission gate) I thought I'd see what I can find out on ye ole interweb about this little shin-dig. I immediately was distracted by an interesting site with old pictures from all over Canada. Many pages of pictures from Rockyford alone! This one in particular stood out to me. Harwood motors in 1934. Notice the bicycle? Notice the jokesters filling it up with gas? Not much has changed. Lots of folks ride around in the summer, and most of the men in town (at least the ones that share with me Lion's membership) are always looking for a good laugh. I guess it's just part of our heritage. I love this little town.