Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lost it

After close to a month not riding to work, the ride today almost killed me. I've been riding a little hear and there, but nothing more than a few miles. You really lose the base you build up when you don't ride much. Time was still only 1hr 47min for the 26 miles, but I was crying up the hills. Taking too many stop breaks. Not breaks for photos or water, just breaks to stop pedaling for a few seconds. Shame shame shame.
Oh well, just need to pick up me britches and ride more. Easy problem to solve.
Sequoia is feeling so so great though with that sky-rise Nitto stem. When I installed them I had to put new brake cables on, and I trimmed them to match the stem at full extension. I can always go lower with it, and I'd be covered if I like it nice and high. So far,I like it nice and high. No sore neck, no sore wrists, just a comfortable touring ride.


Biking Duluth said...

that's big... :) Compensating for anything??? HAHA.. Just kidding... I like the setup though, looks smooth.

Jerome said...

ha ha indeed. Actually, I'm compensating for my large frame bodily frame on a bike that's a wee bit on the small side. I got the bike used and for a great deal, so I just had to tweek it a bike to fit me. If I were going for performance, I would probably leave the stem that it came with on the bike. I'm building this for comfort though, not speed. Cheers!

Vik said...

So when are we going on a bike tour?...=-)

Jerome said...

Hey Vik,
I’d be up for a tour next spring/summer. Seriously. I’ve been thinking that I should just pick a date, and schedule it. The further in advance, the better. Do you have any tours scheduled for next year? For real though, I’d be in for doing a tour next summer! If we wanted to get real crazy, we could do a recumbent tour! woaw.

Vik said...

I'm not into a recumbent tour [although I'm not bothered if you ride a bent], but I'd be cool with a tour next summer.

I'd suggest a 4 day ride - that's long enough to get into it without killing anyone and you only need to take 2 days off work [or 1 on a long weekend]. I can think of several nice tours in our area - particularly if we can find someone to drop us off 4 days away and we can just ride home.

You pick the date and I'll be there...=-) So far my only commitment is a camping trip in the Mojave Desert for a week around the full moon in June.