Friday, July 25, 2008

Rodeos like Xctracycles & Xtracycles like Rodeos

It's here. The rodeo in big R. Fireworks just ended, the mayhem ensues.

I've gotten some interesting looks on the extra tonight. First while my oldest and I went for a zip to pick up some Chinese food for diner. But, I must say, the Xtra is perfect for something like this. I don't have a stoker handle bar for my little helper, but he was just fine holding on to the seat post for the short distance we had. The old cardboard tray (I wonder if the restauraunt is trying to be a little greener - no more plastic bags) with our order, fit just great in the freeloaders.

My oldest waiting for the photos to be over. Anxiously awaiting the delicious food that is handled so nicely by them there feeloaders.

Second task; pick up all of the admission wrist bands and the float for opening the gate tomorrow morning. I walked over to get it, and had no idea I would also need to pick up the box full of programs and a several boxes of wrist bands along with a rather chunky home-made cashiers box with $600 spankies inside. I walked back home, grabbed the Xtra, and made easy work of the task at hand.

Free loaders loaded up with paper. Not a light load by any mean, but very well handled.

This bike just fills a void left by almost any other bike, and it has such an incredibly wide range of uses/errands/deployments, you always seem to be finding new tasks to use it for.

If you don't own one of these Xtracycle rigs, I highly suggest you get one. You'll be amazed at how much you'll use it, and how incredibly easy it make a difficult task on bike or foot, easy.

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Smudgemo said...

All you need for the stoker bars is a long stem and a beer can shim. Any bars will do.