Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New (Used) Bike

Last Thursday I scored a nice classic. The highly reviewed Miyata 1000LT touring bike. Back in the day, this was probably one of the best stock touring bike you could buy off the shelf. Kind of wish they still made it. Splined double-butted tube set, braze-ons galore and check out those uber long chain stays. This bike screams fully loaded touring stability. Only bummer is, it’s way too small for me. But, it fits my wife quite nicely.

I’ll be going over it for the next several weeks and get everything cleaned up and tuned up.

I figured if nothing else, for the $80 I paid for it, it was worth the Shimano bar-end shifters, 600 aero brakes, and the decent 700C wheels for another project I’m collecting parts for.

All in all I think this bike should be pretty sweet once it’s all cleaned up. The nice thing with touring geometry, is that it’s also great for cruising country back roads on Sunday afternoons, and very stable. Even if not fully loaded for long trips, I think that touring bikes are a great choice if your riding is other than racing, which is the case for most people.

Buying bikes is way too fun. Even if they’re used and not for me.


Roman Holiday said...

I own a 1985 Miyata six-ten Grand Touring bike that is now a single speed. It's my favorite bike & it has been everywhere. And I only paid $365 for it back in 85'. What a great bike.

willyh said...

The frame looks my size. Interested in selling it, the frame and fork, that is?

Jerome said...

Yep, I'm always interested in selling my bikes. I'm forever collecting, trying, and selling bikes. Are you local to Southern Alberta? Cheers.

willyh said...

No. I'm in Connecticut, US. Quote me a price and the shipping.

willyh said...

You can reach me at
wheineman at sbcglobal.net

Apertome said...

Awesome bike! Too bad it doesn't fit you ... alas.

I really am loving my LHT so far, if you're still thinking about one of those, I recommend it.

I don't think I could buy/sell bikes all the time like that. I get too attached. I'd just end up with 50 bikes. And I can't afford that.

Anonymous said...

$80...wow! That's a screamin' deal!