Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Went camping this past weekend and had a great time. A bunch of our friends headed up to one of our friends parents house/cabin just outside of Delbourne. An incredible quarter section of land with river front on the Red Deer River. Nothing on the agenda except take the kids for tractor and quad rides, play in the pool, throw a foot ball around, play some cards and drink some beer. The making of a fine weekend for sure.
This is the view from the house with morning fog in the valley
We saw 3 moose( 1 bull –massive!- 1 cow and her calf), numerous deer and some incredible birds. I had my camera along and so did my good friend (we’re photo nerds) and we spent some time wondering around with our telephotos see shooting birds at the bird feeders. Other than that, loaded up on pictures of the kids. I think there were 8 kids under the age of 5. Had tons of fun during the day just hanging with the kids, and getting them to wonder around in the woods, and some great campfires and games after the little ones were sleeping. Good friends are hard to come by, and worth all the effort it takes to find them.

Another view from the house

A few bird pics. Humming birds are hard to shoot (with a camera of course)

Here is my oldest climbing his first 'mountain'

What a great weekend it was.


sean marcel said...

Hey Jerome, Great photos of the camping trip above!

I was just catching up on some old posts and was intrigued by the one about the MASI. I'm considering something along those lines for my next bike. I think Vik is right about the IGH being the way to go for true all weather capability. As far as the frame goes I've been looking at a steelwool tweed. http://steelwoolbicycles.ca/frames/tweed.php Though I must say that MASI sure is good looking!

Apertome said...

Great scenery. Sounds like a fantastic trip. I'm jealous!