Saturday, September 06, 2008


We picked up a new puppy today. I had two great dogs growing up. Both were special and I loved them very much. With my boys getting to the age were they are starting to run around the yard by themselves, I figured they needed a dog. So did my oldest. He's been asking for a dog for over a year now.

Last night we looked at the above picture on kijiji, and this morning,we decided to drive 2 hours to get our new little friend. She's a pure bread Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Registered with the CKC. That doesn't matter to me, I just wanted a dog that was young and could grow up around the boys and had a nice temperament. This little puppy is incredibly gentle, calm and 2 months old. We named her Molly. Actually my wife named her Molly and I kind of liked it.

I'm stoked to have a running partner in a few months, and a cycling partner for those slow, snowy, single-speed snow bike rides.

Molly is a great dog I'm glad she's now a part of our family.


Tom said...

Molly looks like sh will make a great friend.

Just curious... do you have elk in your area. I imagine the rut is about in full swing and the bulls are bugling. I really miss that sound on those crisp September mornings!

Jerome said...

Hey Tom,

No elk right around where I live. 1.5hrs north there are. We were camping up there a few weekends ago and would sit on the top of the hill with our binoculars eating breakfast. After we ate, we'd head down into the valley and try to track them. Not luck. I guess hauling around 5 kids under the age of 4 makes it a little harder too. Cheers.

the original big ring said...

cute pup!