Thursday, September 18, 2008

What I learned today

Fixies with platforms and no brakes is not a good combination. Never realized how much of my leg braking relied on being clamped in.

I can't for the life of me skid when riding platforms. The 3 attempts were very painful and embarrassing.

Emergency right hand turn at lights when I couldn't stop in time.

Urban riding is not so great without brakes.

If my time wasn't mostly spent on quite country back roads, I'd probably have brakes on the fix.

Coffee is easier to not spill while riding platforms.

Today was the first day since I've been here I wasn't wearing Starbucks into the airport. Couldn't go without biking, couldn't go without coffee. Such is the life I live. I love it.


Smudgemo said...

You're crazy, but I'm glad you're my friend.

Jerome said...

Thanks Smudge, I'm glad you're my friend too. I was hoping to get over to Berkley this trip and buy you a beer this time. Looks like that won't pan out. Too bad. I still owe you one. Maybe you should come up to my stomping grounds sometime and I can show you around. Great mountain biking up north!


Smudgemo said...

I doubt I'll be heading out anywhere further than Tahoe anytime soon, but you're always welcome to stay over here if your plans change.