Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Commuting Elsewhere

Today was a very different bike commute for me. New bike? Nope. New Route. New city, new country. Fact is, I've only ever commuted to work on bike in and around Southern Alberta.

Friday at 3:30pm I got some news and made a decision that I needed to go to Fresno to help finish up a project that was not coming along so well. I already had a week long trip schedule the following week to Albuquerque, and the thought of being away from my family for 2 weeks straight wasn't too appealing.

So: Load up family, dog, bike RV and drive. And that's what we did. Pretty much straight.

Lost mucho tiempo driving through (all the way through) Yosemite. Never trust GPS!

9 miles from camp-ground to airport. My wife can have the truck and I can ride a bike. What a deal. I'm not used to city cycling. On a bike with no brakes or gears, it does take special attention.

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Vik said...

You're one of those hardcore fixie types...=-)