Thursday, October 02, 2008

Finally Home

2600kms in 35 hours. Kind of takes it out of you. Now, unpack the RV and get back to life. Yesterday I put 25% down to order my new bike! So stoked.

Need to dis-assemble the Miyata and ship the frame.

Going to pick up my youngest boys run-bike that finally came into Cal's cycle. I need to post on that bike shop. It's incredible. Linden is a small, not famous place, but they've got a killer bike shop. Also going to scrounge their 3 storage buildings for a large frame that I can re-do my Xtra on. Hopefully find one with down-tube shifter braze-ons so I can use bar-ends.

Not much blogging as of the last while. Working like crazy and traveling. Very good to be home though. I've had time to think about various bike projects, and now it's time to take action. Posts should be coming a little more often now.


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Doug said...

Looking forward to reading about the next bike projects.