Friday, October 03, 2008

Peter's Raleigh

Check out my friend Peters new bike! A sweet old bike. Love those old Raleigh 3-speeds. I met Peter while he was browsing around for a touring bike. I mentioned my Sequoia might be for sale (this was several months ago) and when I made me mind up, he was the first person I let know it was available. He ended up not taking the bike, but in the mean time he acquired this totally killer Raleigh. He was kind enough to grant me permission to share these pics with you all. Thanks Peter.

Enjoy your new ride. I think you and the bike should take part in the Lake Pepin 3-speed tour or something like that. Just too bad Lake Pepin isn’t close to us huh?


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful bike. I am doing a tune-up on one just like this in chocolate brown at the moment. Belongs to a neighbour and I'm determined to bring it back to life and get her butt back in the saddle. Did you know Velo Orange is now selling retro brake levers for these old 3 speeds? The originals are often rusted out unless the bike has been garage-kept all it's life.