Friday, November 14, 2008

DIY Ubber Bright Head Light

Found over at instructibles. Capable of over 500 lumens (that equivalent to a 45W Halogen light) and can be made for under $50! Interesting indeed. Here's a link to LED Supply. I think they'll probably have what I need to make a light that will work with my 6V Dyno hub that I have on order.

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Biking Duluth said...

I gave up on DIY lights because if you have that much power, you need a good battery set, which will set you back close to the 100$ mark. Also, unless you're quite handy, they'll never turn out as good as could be. I just figured I'd find a good light for a good price and get the charger, good batts and a good clamp system, much better looks, etc... Instructables has many, that's where I built my first from, a 50 (and 35) watt halogen on a 14.4 nimh. Got about 35 min of runtime, but the pack was old so... not much for good charges.
Anyhow, if you go for it let us know! Good luck.
P.S. check out "HOPE" lights , they rock and also "ktronik" at