Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Running

I went for an nice 6 miler at lunch today. It was a good run. I do like running in the cold much more than in the warm. Somehow, it seems more like an epic adventure than an exercise routine. All the people driving by in their cars starring, snow crunching beneath my feet, icicles building up on my head. I feel like I’m beating old man winter when I run in the cold. Most folks stay inside as much as possible and avoid being outdoors when it's very cold outside. I understand that. Until you are outside in the cold, and realize that you can stay warm and comfortable, inside does seem like the place to be. While it wasn’t all that cold today, it was just nice. -12C when I left the office. Large heavy snow flakes coming down the whole time. Staying warm running is so much easier than while riding a bike. I simply wore warm running socks and my regular heavily-ventilated Asics Gel Keyano’s, and even running through about a mile of almost knee-deep snow, my feet were as comfortable as could be. I ended up unzipping my jacket when I was running with the wind, just to let out some of the heat and not build up too much moisture on the inside. Then, turn into the wind and zip it back up. What a great way to spend the lunch hour.

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