Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Odyssey Straddle Rod

Until recently, I never even knew these things existed. The straddle rod replaces your straddle cable and cable hanger with some nice shiney bits of aluminum and steel. They allow fine tuning of your cantilever brakes and compensate for cable stretch. While I do think that you can get away from much of the issues associated with Canti-brakes if your initial installation and setup is done properly, these straddle rods do give an extra little bit of precision in setting up your brakes. On top of that, they look cool. Everyone likes hanging a little bling (or at least some interesting parts) on their bikes right? I’ll be re-building my pink S/S bike and these bad boys will help dress it up a bit, while keeping with the “old school mtb S/S” theme (no carbon fiber). Think a totally rad mountain bike from the early 90s. yeah
The pink bike was a bike that I found at the local recycling yard. I’ve ridden it enough to know that it is a capable, comfortable machine. Tange 5 double butted tubing, tig welded joints and made in Japan. Geometry is pretty relaxed and stable. Most importantly, the size is large and this bike fits me well. It’s just what I want in a low-cost highly capable S/S mountain bike.


Doug said...

The straddle rod is very cool. One of two things always happens when try to install canti's. I get it centered on the first try and they never give me trouble. Or, I'm constantly adjusting them and they never seem to center.

Jerome said...

Yeah, I think they will make life a little less frusterating. The real reason I bought them though is just because I think they're cool.

I sure hope you get better soon Doug. I miss seeing your posts and pictures of your rides, and more than that, I want you to be able to get back to normal and enjoy the things you enjoy. Peace.