Monday, December 01, 2008

1st ride on the LHT

I was finally able to take the LHT out for a ride longer than 10 minutes yesterday. While it was only 14 miles, it is better than none. What’s more, I was supposed to do a long run in training for my Marathon races coming up, and a 14 mile bike ride is so much better than a run in my books. Made a few adjustments to the saddle angle, but other than that, nothing else was touched on this ride. I’m sure with a few more longer rides I’ll be tweaking a little more here and there.

First thing that stand out on the this bike are the fat tires. They really do smooth out the rough roads well. I think the Sequoia I had was a smoother frame but the tires on it (32) didn’t like the rough surface of the roads coming out of Rockyford. The shoulders are much smoother. The LHT though didn’t seem near as taxing on the rough roads as the Sequoia, and I'm sure it's because of the fat tires. While on the smooth shoulders though, the Sequoia is still a smoother ride.
Size feels good. Really good. It’s nice to be comfortably stretched out, but not reaching. Makes sense. Large person would be more comfortable on a large bicycle frame.

I have hardly gotten to know this bike, and with more time in the saddle I will be able to offer more in depth reports on it, but initially, I think it will certainly live up to its reputation as being a good, simple, comfortable bike for long rides and touring.


Christopher Johnson said...

It's always good to see folks with that new bike, first ride joy. It looks like a great choice and I hope it serves you well for many miles.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the LHT grand? So glad you had a chance to ride it at last. I envy you the snow-free conditions up there in the North, though. Here northern NY we've had snow since late October.

Welcome to the Surly LHT club!

Tamia Nelson

Jerome said...

Thanks Christopher and Tamia.

Finding a nice bicycle sure is a great thing.


Doug said...

Welcome to the world of LHT owner's. Enjoy the ride!

rigtenzin said...

These photos are great. I used to live in farm country and your photos capture the vast plains that meet the sky unimpeded by hills or trees (not many, at least).

Jerome said...

Thanks for the nice words Gents.