Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ramber Redux

So, I’ve been thinking about my Marlin again. More specifically, thinking about what to do with it. It’s a great car, and I like it, but somehow it doesn’t excite me. I took it out once this past summer. It ran great, turned heads and started up a few conversations. Many people in the car show loved it. I parked it with the other Ramblers, and of course, it was the only Marlin at the show. Yesterday on flicker, I found a picture of my car that someone else took. They had nice things to say about it in their description. But, it all comes down to this again; I don’t get excited about this car. I ended up sort coming into this car, and it was a great deal. I’ve done nothing to it and I’m the 3rd owner. I’ve got the bill of sale from the Rambler dealer in Sunnyvale California. Even a Polaroid from when it was new. But, I don’t really get cranked about it. I’m sure that if I had it parked in my garage and could take it out whenever I wanted, I might be a little more interested in it. But right now, it sits in my parents heated shop on their farm. I might go start it up once every few months and drive a few miles down the highway. That’s only to keep the oil up in the cylinders though, sort of an obligatory maintenance routine.
I think the reason I haven’t sold it yet is because it’s not costing me anything to keep it. I mean sure, you do have to do maintenance on these cars, but I saved up the cash to buy it, and after changing out a wheel bearing seal, I’ve done nothing to this car. I’m only reminded that I even own this car every several weeks at best. I’ve gone several months without even thinking out the Marlin. When I find myself if this position, I can’t help but wonder if I should even keep it around. I don’t need the money, but it is worth something. The value of this car translated to bicycles would really spiff up my bike collection. I’m taken about several of my “dream bikes”. Yeah, a tikit might not be everyone’s ‘dream bike’, but when I think of what it could do for me, it’s definitely on the list. Plus, numerous other bikes that I just want to try out. I’d love a nice 29er, something with a Rohloff just to see what all the hub-ub is about (couldn’t resist that one), and a cross bike. Heck, I’ve got a bin full of decent parts and drive train components that could very quickly transform a frame into a bike. Then there’s tools I want that relate to bikes. A torch for brazing, special stuff like BB facing and tapping tools, headset tools, and the list goes on.

All this to say that I think I’ll try and sell this car again. The Marlin is a particular car though, and to fetch the price that it’s been appraised at would take someone who specifically wants a Marlin. Not many people like that out there. I’m certainly not expecting to get anywhere close to what it’s appraised at, and will take any reasonable offer made. I think.


Smudgemo said...

Sell it and buy bike building stuff. Cars are no longer your passion.

A few years ago I gave my '72 Cutlass convertible to my dad and sold my '60 Corvette project. I don't miss them a bit.

Jerome said...

I agree with ya Smudge. Glad to know that you've done this and haven't looked back. Cheers.

Pat S said...

That is such a gorgeous car. Ramblers are part of my heritage.

But it is somebody else's car and that's pretty much how I feel about autos now . . . I admire them from a distance, but have no desire to posess them. Sure, I still have to own one out of necessity, but there is zero passion, whereas once it was over the top. I guess I've transferred it all to bikes, because I do the very minimum to keep my truck running.

But don't give the Marlin away. It is a thing of beauty and I think you might regret it if you just cut it loose. Be patient for the right way to part ways.

Jerome said...

Wise words Pat. Thanks.

Your comments got me thinking, it's such a shame that we do need to have cars out of nessecity.

I am certianly not passionate about the Marlin. I agree though, I'm not just going to dump it. I've actually contacted my local Ramber Club to see if there was any interest. One gent is thinking about it. I'd love to see this car go to someone who would appreciate it and understand it's significance.

Anonymous said...

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