Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter commuting. sort of.

This morning I had an early appointment to drop our minivan off at the Chevy dealer for some warranty service. Perfect. I throw the pink bike into the van, and get a bit of early morning riding in. I dropped the van off at 7:30, and the guy booking me is asked if I needed a ride. “Nope” I told him, “I’ve got my bike”. He looked up from the computer screen like I was crazy. “Really? You’re going to ride a bike in this?” Some people just don’t get it.

The distance from the dealer to my work place is minimal (4kms), so I did a little touring around town. All the old memories of commuting in the winter when I lived here in town all came back to me. Man I miss riding my bike to work every single day.

I threw on the Schwalbe Snow Studs last night as I knew that the streets would be icy. Traction was excellent. I’ve never tried any other studded winter tires, but I’ve got very few complaints about these ones. They perform very well, and the only time I have issues riding in this weather, are in circumstances that I don’t think any tires would do well in.

I think a longer lunch time ride is now on the agenda!


bmike said...

as i work from home i too miss my commute. walking from the bedroom to the office (quietly, to not wake the little one) is not the same as a 10 or 18 mile commute...

sean marcel said...

I'm running the Schwalbe Studs as well this season. Good tires.

Jerome said...

bmike, that's for sure. Last winter I had a 1 block commute, which I did by bicycle of course. I would often turn it into a 2 or 3 mile commute, but because getting on a bike, and getting off a bike within the same minute is wrong.

Sean, yeah they are good tires for sure.