Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter is here

When I went to bed last night, the thermometer read -32C (-25.6F). That's cold. Yesterday it was as cold as -36C on the highway into town. Right now it's -29. Freaking cold. Fun though. I like how if you inhale through your nose, it freezes the inside of your nose.

Friday was the 12hrs in photos. My entry is here. That was fun. Always a little bummed with the lack of participation. Many say , 'oh yeah, I'll do that' and then don't. It's kind of fun, but I think it might have run it's course.

This past weekend was a nice one though. Sitting around the house, reading, drinking copious amounts of tea and folding laundry. All in the warm quiet our our little prairie home. Life is Good.

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