Friday, January 16, 2009

Looking forward to it

I've got something at home I'm looking for to returning to. My first batch of bottled beer. I missed the other stages of the process on this blog, but here is a picture of the sterilized bottles waiting to serve their higher purpose. The beer is bottled and settling. When I get back, it should be ready for it's first tasting.

I've been sampling some great brews while down south here in Florida, and I'm interested to see what mine will taste like. While I'm really not expecting much, I hope it's at least drinkable.


inkyfingers said...

Is this your first homebrew experience? Welcome to the magical world of making your own suds. FYI, do yourself a favor and invest in a bottle tree if you plan on bottling your beers. It will reduce the likelihood of infection and keep things orderly at the same time.

Jerome said...

Hey inkyfingers, this is indeed my first experiment. Thanks for the welcome. I don't know what a bottle tree is, but I'll google it now and see. Thanks for the tip. Cheers.