Sunday, January 11, 2009

Marathon is Done

Well, this was a little weekend that's been haunting me for some time. 1/2 Marathon yesterday, full marathon today. Disney Worlds Marathon Weekend Goofy race and a half challenge. The reason for the haunting? I didn't train. In the past 2 years, I've ran less than 100 miles. Based on a training plan I've done for my previous 3 marathons, I should be racking over 100 miles in less than 2 weeks. In the past 6 weeks I've ran 14 miles. I was incredibly under prepared. I thought I might not even make it. Odd thing, this was the easiest marathon I've ever done. I would attribute it mostly with my incredibly slow pace.

My time for the half: 2:04
Marathon Time: 5:04
Not fast, but not bad for someone who didn't train. I am glad that this is over with though.
When you do the goofy, you get the Donald medal for the half, Micky medal for the full, and the goofy medal for doing them one after another. That was the best part of it. Walking around the cool down area with both medals on today.
It sure feels good when you stop running.


Doug said...

I've done a marathon before...but not the day after a half marathon. And...I trained for my marathon. I can't imagine. This question keeps popping into my head: Why?

Unless it's for the medals, then I get it! Congrats on a fine performance!

Jerome said...

I was signed up for this race by my Dad, and against my wishes I must ad. It's also part of a two week Florida vacation, so it's not all bad.

I could really care less about the medals. Finisher medals aren't hard to get. If I ever one a podium place at a competition, then I'd be proud, but these medals are just for kicks. Thanks for the congrats.


the original big ring said...

Ouchie - I hate running - my knees hate running.

Smudgemo said...

Time to sign dad up for something.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that running is like smashing your head into the floor? It accomplishes very little but is great when you stop? :-).


Vik said...


Jerome said...

Craig, my knees never seen to bother me. I'm quite surprised by that because I've spend some of my working life on my knees.

Smudge, I think I should sign him up for the Arrowhead ultra, and I'll be the only one to have a snow bike. That should be payment enough.

B - You are spot on with that. Stopping is the best part.

Thanks Vik!