Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I suppose it is what spawns innovation.


Vik said...

Let me know how it rides...=-)

Jerome said...

I imagine high speed cornering would be a bit unnerving. I will confess, I tried a harebrained bike like this one. I took my very first MTP (a 15 speed from B&P) and rigged up a skateboard truck and wheels (just two skateboard wheels) instead of the front bicycle wheel. I road it from my parents place to Langdon along the #9 (part of your Strathmore 200K route) and it sucked. I grabbed a coffee in Langdon, rode home and threw the front assembly I made in the garbage. I crashed about 10 times during that trip, and there wasn’t any cornering involved. There is much to be said for front bike wheels that are larger than 2” in diameter. I wish I had a picture of that bike.