Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fixed after all

After the snow cleared up this morning, and a judgment call that turned out to be the right one, the fixie was the steed of the day. Started out on the roads, which for the most part were clear of slush, just wet. Ended up on a bike path and headed towards my old house. The bike paths were pure slush. Past the my old house, the golf course, and checked up on a trail I’d seen the other day while looking at show homes. It is a great path along an irrigation canal, but once off the beaten bath, 6” of soft snow proved too much for the fixie. Even with those nice fatties mounted. So I turned around.
On the way home, I hammered Wheatland trail, which is the route I used to commute on every day. It’s been too long since I’ve had nice asphalt that was snowless. It felt so great to wax it out on a road bike is temps above freezing. Snow and ice biking have their places, but when you’re limited to only that type of riding for months on end, it sure feels good to whirl up the cranks a bit. Of course I was soaked, but I was planning on that.
A nice little 18kms for lunch. Mmm tasty.


Doug said...

Cool shots from the bike!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. But it's steed, not stead.

Jerome said...

Thanks Doug.

Thanks to you also Anon. I've change it to the correct word. I guess spell check can't always pick up my mistakes huh? Cheers.

Roman Holiday said...

Nice sticker.

Jerome said...

Yeah, I like it too!