Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Change Battery Pack...

...was the message my camera gave me after I had set up a great photo of fixie dangling gingerly over a snow cliff that looked like it was going to avalanche. Light was perfect, the composure would have been great, and it looked cool. Ticked off at my lack of checking the batteries. Put the camera back in the bag. Fixie fell off the cliff.

either way it was a great 20kms of hills.


Vik said...

I keep a spare charged battery in all my camera cases. I just buy the second battery when I get the camera since baring loss or theft all my cameras last at least 2 batteries.

I hate running out of juice at an inopportune moment.

Jerome said...

That is a good idea. If I were going on a tour or something, I'd probably look into it. My point and shoot batteries usually last 2-3 weeks with my level of "regular" use. Usually I'm pretty good about checking them. I wouldn't carry 2 batteries with on short rides (1-4 hrs) but it would be nice to be able to change them right before leaving if they were getting low. Cheers.