Thursday, April 02, 2009

Foggy Fixie Lunch

Road a nice gravel road out of town, jump on the # 1 and started spinning. Then, started grinding. On the other side, spinning again, followed by grinding. Thus is the cycle of riding a fixed gear. Good fun. The crest of the climb seems so much sweeter on a fixie than it does when on a gear bike.

Finally got a few pictures that I tried to get a while ago. Only bummer was that it was ridiculously foggy.
I stabbed my toes into the stiff crusted now, and felt like an ice climber for a moment.

To have this much fun on a lunch break is a beautiful thing.


Christopher Johnson said...

Excellent photos, especially the first one. Thanks.

Doug said...

Very cool photos! I like the first one also...and the last three....very cool.

megan said...

I agree, awesome pics (my favourite is the second last one)

Jerome said...

thanks for the compliments

ksteinhoff said...

Yep, I agree with everybody. Nice pix. Good eye.

On the other hand, I always like LOOKING at snow better than being IN snow.