Monday, May 11, 2009

What’d you do this weekend?

I built a custom shower for my parents master bathroom. This was using the Schluter shower system. Works quite slick, but takes a very long time. It took 4hrs just to do the radius alone. Apparently no one make a preformed radius such as the one above so I had to figure it out myself. What you see here is 100% water tight and ready for tiling. I quite enjoy renovating and home construction projects, only problem is it keeps me off the bike. Oh well. Soon enough it will be done.

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mike said...

pretty sure i saw a demo of their products at one of the distributors that i work with. looks like a cool system.

we're in the midst of designing our own bathroom remodel. we only have 1 - so timing will be key. new tub and enclosure, new stone or tile on the floor, new vanity and we need to tear out the hideous mirrored lighting thing that is in there... and then a new closet door and paint.

we are debating hiring it out...