Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I debranded the LHT.

Well okay, that is a lie on two parts. First being I still have decals on the LHT. Second being they have virtually been taken off via Photo shop, but not by me. I received a comment on a previous post this morning, and good man Cycle Jerk sent me a photoshoped picture of my trucker sans decals. Looks pretty good. He is thinking the same thing that it seems like a lot of us LHT owners think, remove the decals! Maybe..... Mine will probably stay for a while yet. Maybe until I get some nice steel fenders, or a few more classic looking parts hung on the frame. Right now, it looks too much like a budget utilitarian touring machine to get all worked up over the decal astetics.

And Thanks Cycle Jerk for sending this through. I don't think of you as your namesake might suggest. Cheers.

1 comment:

Vik said...

I honestly don't find there to be a significant difference with the decals on or off.