Thursday, July 02, 2009

Canada Day Recap

Canada's birthday party, as my sons refer to it as. And it is. A great time it was yesterday. 142 years old this young little (well, geographically very large, but from a populous stand point, quite little) country of ours.

Playgrounds were in order. Canoe races eh?
Of course the guys with the maple leaf Canada toques won.
Lots of photographers out, shooting all manner of things. Birds,
other photographers,
more birds,
and people. I had an idea yesterday, to start shooting people I don't even know. Just people at random. I'm sure there may be issues in trying to sell these later without model release forms and whatnot, but for my simple purpose of practicing making pictures, I'm not too worried.
All kinds of weirdos out.
Canada's finest. - For those who don't know, those baggy pants were invented shortly after the doughnut. When the mounties first roamed the Canadian prairies, sometimes it was several hours or even days between towns. They needed somewhere to keep a multi-hour stash of doughnuts, hence the development of the "Mountie-pant." Even today, they are highly utilized between Timmy's stops.
This dude is a firefighter. Dude.
This lady was walking around for quite a while. She didn't seem to be part of any group or performance or anything. Just a Canadian nut-job who is trying to bring back the glory days.
This kid sleeping?This young man is quite bored. Sleeping I think. What's up with kids these days? Two different shoes?
Ah, this might explain. I found these little babies growing on the bank of the lake here in town. Quite creative I must say. I witnessed the mounties walk right past these, twice. My youngest son ended up picking one and carrying it around for a little bit. I noticed and immediately took it way from him and threw it into the lake. I'd hate for him to start wearing mis-matched shoes...
My little girly girl enjoyed much attention from strangers. Some how foot sucking gets all kinds of "ah, she's so cute" reaction from ladies. Young and old. Actually, she gets that reaction regardless of what she's doing.
This was the reaction that a sound-check-gone-bad from a hip-hop artist created in my youngest son.
And of course, we did lost of what little boys love doing, picking up rocks and throwing them. Into the lake, at trees, at each other, you know, just throwing rocks around. Good times.


ksteinhoff said...

We don't do Canada Day down here in Florida (most of them have gone back where it's cooler this time of year), but the West Palm Beach Freakbike Militia held a Summer of Love 60's Bike ride July 1.

It was the ultimate feel-good ride.

Even motorists who were corked at intersections were smiling, waving and giving the peace sign (two fingers, not the normal one-finger salute).

Anonymous said...

After watching this photographs I can say that only a professional photographer can take the snaps.Good job.


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