Monday, July 06, 2009

A little Xtra goes a long way

I finally got the Xtracycle back onto a bike. A cheap crappy by at that, but it is a bike. The drive train is deore and I've been saving those funky Egg shaped chain rings. I figured it make sense to have those on a bike that will be carrying heavy loads. They are the Suguino Cycloid rings. I need to pick up some longer cables to get the shifters dialed in perfectly, but I've managed to get the rear 7 sprockets taking their turns. I've got the front derailleur jammed at the center chain ring with the high and low adjuster screws keeping it there. 2 laptops and nothing on my back. Man these things are handy.


Doug said...

Great to see the Xtra back on the road. I imagine it'll come in really handy with the new living arrangements in town. I can't remember life without my Xtracycle. How did I get things done without a car and no Xtracycle?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful man Where did you get this Lovely bike you got.It will you a lot.I am happy that you find your real friend.


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