Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Favorite Bike

One thing about riding bikes every day, you’re favorites become even more favorite. Between my LHT and my fixie, I think I could give up every other bike that I own. Not that I’m planning on it, but I could. Now, between the two, that’s a hard call. Obviously for rain, it’s the fendered LHT, as would be the case when I was making longer trips and need to carry stuff. But for commuting and general running around the favorite is whichever one I happen to be riding.
For the last few days, it’s been the fixie.
Until I ride the Trucker next, I can’t think of a bike I like more.


Christopher Johnson said...

I'm with you. I've got two opposites; a fixed wheel, low trail, front loader and a multi-geared, rear loader. If I had to give up one, the indecision would make me explode.

EthanPDX said...

The last year has been a long relationship with a 97lb Bakfiets, but I got the tandem out today after . . . I'd rather not say how long, and man it was amazing, and at times disconcerting, to move that fast. Having too many bikes, it ebbs and flows with the seasons and the calendar.

Anonymous said...

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