Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sigg's Suck!

I don't care what anyone might say, I wish I hadn't bought my Sigg water bottle. These things taste nasty after not too long of time. Sad thing is this was to replace my BPA riddled Nalgene bottle. I've had Klean Kanteens for quite some time now, and so far, I've got nothing but good to say about KK. If you're in the market for a new water bottle, save your pennies and stay away from Siggs. Unless you enjoy highly dent-able bottles that make you water taste nasty.


Anonymous said...

Check out Korwater.com. Theyre new BPA free, reuseable water bottles and they look great too! Ive had mine for awhile and i love it. They are different from your average aluminum bottles.

Vik said...

I've got Sigg water bottles and Kleen Kanteen...I haven't noticed any practical difference between the two so far.

I rotate my bottles so I don't leave water in the for days at a time though and I dry the unused bottles out between uses.

My favourite bottles for on the bike are Nalgene OTG bottles - wicked:


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just spoke to Maria at Sigg and she didn’t care about the BPA Poison. I’m stuck with about 18 of these junk Sigg trash bottles. I’ll throw them out and NEVER buy Sigg shit again. Her number is 1-203-321-1190 extension 190.