Friday, August 21, 2009

Basket Bike in the Morning Light

Last night I hauled up the basket bike from the basement. Now that the garage is painted, and I've started into the organization process, I can liberate some of my machines from the basement. I had a coffee meeting with Cory today, and I figured if I have to haul a couple of extra larges to his house, I better use the basket bike. Every time I ride this bike, I'm always impressed with how handy the Wald basket is on the front. This bike also was a bit of a process for me, and represents about 2 years of various parts collecting to get it together. Sort of a different feeling about this bike than I have about ones that I purchase new. Not better, just different. But, I've been saving some decent components for a while, and this bike is by no means a junk pile junkie. Nice vintage Shimano all around. I added some new cork grips last night from Rivendell. Very comfy for sure. I plan on twining them tight and following that up with some shellac. I've also got a nice sturdy set of chromes steel fenders I'm going to install. Just need to polish them up first.
The light was very warm, rich and yellow this morning. I love riding my bike in the mornings.

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