Friday, August 21, 2009

I like the looks of this!

Check out the new Allez Double Steel from Specialized. I think there has been a serious lacking of decent steel go-fast race geometry bikes out there. MSRP being $610 USD, it looks like a sweet option. I loved my Allez and I think with my reverting to the way of old, steel frames, I'd love this one too. Nice to see.


Easton Heights Blogger said...

they offered a steel Allez back in the early '90s; I guess everything old is new again.
btw, love your blog. I stumbled on you from I forget where, but I also have a surly and a house in a constant state of renovation.

Jerome said...

Yeah, I remember seeing those old Allez on the current classics gallery. Nice to hear you ride a Surly, and I hope your renovations go well. I'm a little burnt out from Renovations right now, but they are very rewarding. Cheers!

Reno Rambler said...

I would like it if they had a slightly better parts spec or offered it as a frameset only. Still, a welcome addition to their line.