Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here's a great breakfast recipe for you

Spread a little Karate Monkey over a hearty portion of fresh gravel Mix vigorously with a single speed drive train for 13 miles
Finish with fresh hot coffee

Now you're ready.

I (heart) Karate Monkey


The MAX said...

Is that a true fixie or just a single speed?

Easton Heights Blogger said...

I've been thinking I need a KM. I like the salsa El Mariachi, too, and although it has the eccentric BB that the surly is lacking, there is a substantial price difference.
besides, my pacer might like the company.

Jerome said...

MAX, it is a single speed. My fixie is a road bike. I've had 2 MTB fixies (including one with Surly Endomorph wheels and Large Marge tires) and I find that there are so many times while techical riding, coasting is such a sweet option.

EHB, KM's are great bikes. The thing I love about it is it's versatility. You can run it as a 26" MTB, 650B, 700c and a 29er. Geared, S/S, touring, commuting, you name it, it can be adapted, and from everything I've reasearch, it does all of those different things quite well. If you were looking for an eccentric BB bike, Singulars are now available and they look pretty decent for their price point. Another ECBB bike I like are the SteelWool bikes. Canadian company, but I'm not sure they offer a 29er yet.